Are Apple products underrated?

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I often see people saying that Apple products are overrated and overpriced. The prices are quite high, sure, but the competitors set the same price for their top tier products (Samsung phones, Dell Lenovo and Surface laptops).

I have few apple products: an iPhone 8 since 2018 and a MacBook pro since 2010, they are just great, robust, reliable in software, good hardware, great customer service!

I have been using always android before 2018, at work I use Ubuntu on a Lenovo P1, so I am not closed in the Apple bubble!

In conclusion I feel apple products are actually underrated! 😆

What are your thoughts? 🤓

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Well, Apple certainly attract a lot of critics but I don't think we can call it "underrated", it's still the most popular phone and computer maker.

I'm not sure why Apple products are subject to this much criticism but I think that the fact that Apple only does high-end products is part of it : Someone who doesn't want to pay $700 for a phone will likely buy something Samsung or whoever makes at around $200. $700 Samsung phones will look like better versions of the already good $500 cheaper phone whereas the $700 iPhone will look like the cheapest iPhone. Same thing for laptops, the cheapest Mac laptop is already way more expensive than what average people are willing to pay.

I think Apple is often compared to other brands when they just don't target the same audience.


Right, the question should be more like “is apple over criticized?”


To which the answer would be "Yes, but it's also defended far too much". There's two sides of the spectrum on this one. I do not feel like Apple is overrated personally. Why?

  • The design is amazing
  • Their updates last far longer than Androids
  • They provide a certain status which, though technically not a feature, is still a benefit for a lot of people
  • They're simple. The ecosystem is safe and security fixes are put out way faster than on android. With that, they also provide privacy, which ends up costing the user more, but I'd say that's worth it. I don't want my data farmed by Google anymore.

I recently found out Google has location records of anywhere I go with my Android. That's scary.

You referring very much to iOS and iPhone while I am including also MacBooks, I feel the difference is stronger on tablet/laptops than smartphones

MacBooks are definitely overrated right now in my opinion, no questions asked.


I will continue to criticise something as long as it remains popular and is evangelised by people saying it it basically flawless.

Literally nothing is flawless.

Criticize for the sake of it for me doesn’t make sense.
As a developer I want to use the best devices and tools available, It’s hard for me to find better devices than Apple devices and as I say in the initial post not all the devices that I use daily are Apple


I think that the fact that Apple only does high-end products is part of it

If you say about MacBook then F* NO!, especially the latest models. They (MacBook ) are slim and with the aluminum case but everything else varies from average to mediocre.

  • The screen is a mixed bag.
  • The touchpad is really odd and it lacks real buttons. We could emulate buttons with some keystrokes but it's tedious.
  • The hard disk is cheap
  • The inners are cheap too.
  • The lacks of ports.
  • They keyboard has been a continuity of mistakes over mistakes.

I work all my time with a notebook and I need a powerful one. I looked at Macbook Pro but I finally decided for Asus ROG 16". Why?


  • It's heavy but I don't work on coffee
  • Battery is so-so but I always use connected


  • Better screen
  • Full-size keyboard
  • A better cooling fan.
  • Better touchpad.
  • A better video card
  • Two hard disk
  • More memory included and expandable.
  • More ports.
  • And practically for half the price.
  • Serviceable components.

Have you ever used a MacBook before for half a year at least?
The OS makes the difference as well.
Anyway it’s also personal but I am very surprised about the trackpad, for me it’s the best thing they have, and buttons are not needed! If you want to click you can buy a mouse!

I respect your opinion and it’s good to have different views but please be polite in replying to comments, even though it was not my comment

Have you ever used a MacBook before for half a year at least?

Yes, I am. I own around 50 computers, including notebook and desktop. My latest acquisition was a Mac Mini and it is not serviceable 🤦

Good, that was missing in your previous comment, I just needed to understand your “apple” background.
Good point about the mac mini, I would never buy it, same for the desktops, only custom builds. However I am impressed buy your number of computers, I felt overwhelmed after buying my fourth machine


Apple products are produced well, robust and easy to use.

But they are not nearly worth the price they ask for. And this is mainly why I call them overrated.

Apple customer service has been nothing but a nightmare imo. I have to book an appointment with a store nearly an hour away from me if I have a small issue on the device. There has been many validated reports of Apple providing damage reports of iPhones and Macs that state they need massive physical fixes that can cost hundreds of currency to fix, when in fact a wire needs replacing.

The company has a horrific track record of predatory and anti-consumer behaviour.

Apple is the example of when a company has too much power over its own products.


I always had a very good experience with the customer service in Europe. When there were reported defect the components were replaced free of charge, once I broke a cable of my MacBook myself, I went to the Apple store asking just that cable, they charged me 13 euros!


This is from the perspective of the UK, and recently the issues my parents are have had with their iPhones recently.

My dad has the iPhone XR, and the camera lens is broke. Even though it's supposed to be "sapphire glass". They refuse to replace it without a very large fee.

Apple are also ignoring the reports from their users that show that the X series has an issue with the camera lens cracking at an abnormally high rate in comparison to any of their other models.

I may be overstating it really but I really do think Apple is an evil corporation nowadays.



Well, the plank keyboard is quite good and the ipod nanos were all pretty decent. I wouldn't say they were underrated though.

Everything else? No way. Bad designs, lack of consideration for users, limited or missing expandability or repairability, and show-stopping flaws in nearly every product that would never be tolerated in another manufacturer's products.


Which phone would you suggest?
Which Tablet and which laptop?


I don't know enough about modern options (this is part of the whole argument - just because something is sometimes the best of a bad bunch doesn't mean it's any good)

I like huawei phones and lenovo or dell business-range laptops at the moment though.


I have three issues with Apple:

  1. The price, obviously. Especially nowadays that hardware is never made to last, might as well pay less and change more often, but that's a personal opinion.
  2. OSX. I won't make friends saying that but for a regular user, Windows will offer just as many possibilities if not more on a less pricey machine. For power users, most of the time everything they like about OSX comes directly from the UNIX-like features... you can have that, better and for free, with a Linux distro.
  3. The fan base.

Most people (aside from power users/developers) who buys Apple hardware do so only because it's hype and fashionable. Try asking them why it's the "best phone/computer" on the market and you'll see they think that only because they heard it from someone else.

And I just hate that, I hate people making decisions based only on hype or fashion without actually thinking about why they need/want this particular product.

But that last point isn't Apple fault, the users are the issue, but I don't always like how Apple takes advantage of that mentality and keeps serving the same overpriced product with so called "new" but actually old features every year (looking at you iPhone).

That being said, I still somewhat like a few Apple products. The iPad is a now the only good the tablet on the market and the entry price is now about $350 which is pretty honest for the product... if you can live with iOS. A MacBook can also be a somewhat good investment, it's lightweight, thin and has a good battery life and a PC with the same specs will be almost as pricey anyway, so why not. But that's pretty much it.


I agree with the last part of your comment: the iPad doesn’t really have competition way better than any other tablet. The MacBook is powerful and really lightweight, I can’t find a better laptop cheaper than that.
I also have an iPhone 8 since 2 years, but there are great android phone, it’s just the best phone smaller than 5.2’’ I could find.

About OS, for common users I don’t even bother to reply.
For devs, I love linux and I use it daily at work but I think is great if you have a standard setup and not too many moving parts: home office setup different from work setup for example. My laptop has a 4K screen, bot way to make Ubuntu have different scales on 3 monitors that aren’t all 4K, OSX does that out of the box.
The apple trackpad gestures are a level up compared to windows (great progress on surface devices) and linux needs customization.

That’s just few examples, when I was 18 I loves to play with Linux to setup my machines, now I need a ready reliable system that works immediately and just focus on code

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