re: Codebase is too large. Any tips on how you quickly understood existing codebase on your first job? VIEW POST


I used to work quite a bit in PHP and it's frameworks a while back. I found a great resource to learn more about Laravel itself.

It's a subscription payment system, but you can probably consume enough of it in just one month to just get the basics.

One week is a fairly short amount of time to familiarize with the code base, especially if it's a decent size. That being said, your first task will (or should) be fairly nominal. Just start looking at how the front end is structured and pick up a few things from Laracasts, you should be on your way.

And of course once you do get your task, if you need help be sure to ask.


Wooow...Thanks, Grant. I just checked out the link...It's like a Laravel encyclopedia...Thanks so much

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