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Discussion on: What was your win this week?

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Justin Mancinelli • Edited


Not my win and didn't happen this week, but I did notice it this week and everyone at work is feeling the win. I'm posting to celebrate with everyone involved.

The win in 3 parts:

1. I saw a tweet on Dec 9

2. Stars have increased by 400 in 4 days

Press github star chart

(Image from star history extension)

3. It was built on a starter kit my company released

First, I suggested that Ben should contribute, then I saw that he had...But he didn't know his commit was the first one in the repo πŸ€”

first commit

Turns out, that commit is in there because Press was built on something Ben built πŸŽ‰


Many thanks to @benwhitley for writing the starter kit and the post to go with it, everyone @touchlab helping to make that happen, and Saket Narayan for building an awesome project!