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active use - owned personally

Macbook pro 2014
main work laptop, refuse to upgrade to "new" macbook pro. Probably planning a linux replacement this year.

Intel i7-4770, 32 GB ram, gtx 1080
"gaming" PC - a real waste, considering how rarely I end up gaming the past few years, and the type of games I play, like factorial, =x

Used in random benchmarks like

3U Server : E5-2660 xeon (x2), 256 GB ram, lots of storage
Personal storage archive, and used as a personal experimental platform for many things server/infrastructure related.

Increasingly being used as a "remote dev" server, as part of my long term plan to drop my macbook pro. And get a "dumb client" - making all my changes via SSH (or something else)

Samsung S8
Primary communication phone. My general phone replacement policy is still its death, so about 2 more years i guess?

iPad mini (2015??)
Tablet for entertainment and mobile games, and general surfing of web.

inactive use

  • about 4 laptops of various age / generation
  • probably enough spare parts to assemble 1 PC and a decent Server
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