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re: One fix needed: if (n == 0 || n == 1) n; needs to be if (n === 0 || n === 1) return n; (also uses === as best practice) Otherwise an...

Oh, shoot! Thank you. I thought that could implicitly return.

About the === it's very funny because now we don't have to use == again, although it is totally fine for integers like this case.


===: Yeah, I just picked up this habit, as it is usually the safer option, especially when processing external/user input.

return: JS is one of the langs without implicit returns. Nevertheless in the middle of a function we need to be explicit anyway, since more code follows afterwards. If implicit returns were supported you could use an else block to avoid a keyword, but also not worth the effort.

Yeah I was hoping es6 is closer to functional than this. The only way to get an implicit return from the last expression is a lambda function without brackets (containing a single expression).

let fun = () => 0;
fun()           // will return 0
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