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I think to embrace Rails one needs to embrace the "manifesto". I was learning Ruby and Rails a few years back and decided to give up just because it was too magical and its convention was very "dictatorial" to me. I went straight back to Python.

As I've grown more as a developer and had a few more languages in my toolbelt, coming back to Ruby and Rails wasn't so bad. Things started to make more sense and fall into places. (Symbols make sense to me now that I've known Clojure. Lack of parentheses aren't a stranger any more now that I've known Ocaml) I think Ruby (and Rails as a derivative) is a great attempt of an expressive language that's not too mind-bending (as in many functional ones) and yet very simple and even human-friendly.

Reading up the Rails Doctrine by DHH is a pretty good way to befriend Rails. Rails is really pleasing if one can start thinking less about perfection and idealism in a tool and more about shipping.

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