Should Profitable Companies Fund Open Source They Use?

Joe Chasinga on October 04, 2019

Yesterday, I've stumbled upon this paper "Road and Bridges: The Unseen Labor Behind Our Digital Infrastructure" passed to me by a friend that had m... [Read Full]
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I think creating a movement around companies giving back to open source is one of the things we can do. This might be part of existing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs. Discourse does this annually, here’s their 2017 give back.


I think open source development should be publicly funded, similarly to grant programs that exist for the arts and for research science.


Check out this license

I don't disagree, but it is a skewed perspective considering today's companies use open sources to reap profits and hardly give back.

Publicly funded is great if the projects are limited to be used freely for nonprofit or non-commercial purposes.


Isn't it already? A majority of good open-source projects are funded either by companies and/or individuals


That's different. Fundings are completely optional and not driven by intrinsic value-sharing.

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