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I need to chip in

The notion from business people that since Google and Facebook deliver software at scale, and fast, is that you are just as capable. Hey, if Facebook can, you, being a developer after all, are just as awesome and thats when an endless stream of misunderstanding, confusion and pain come from.

"Oh, just add a simple Facebook login" does not translate to a simpler implementation of Oauth2 token passing

"Its a simple matching algorithm" does not ease off any of the underlying tech that translates to bounds checking, sorting and optimization techniques

"You need to make it simple for the users so they dont think" is probably the one that got me over the edge to the point I am just today returning to some code after three weeks of regaining sanity after binging weeks trying to deliver a 80 thousand dollar app with myself and my trustee single EC2

I hate business people. On the other hand, I also love them. My take here is that business people need to be constantly involved in the technology.

Same goes for coders. Business isnt "just talking to people".

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