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How gamification helps us learning

Even digital education may seem a boring and complicated process. People always added games and little entertainment to learning to make this process of getting knowledge funnier. Today we use the term “Gamification” when we talk about a new approach of implementing games in digital education. If you consider any advanced E-learning app or website, you’ll see there not only educational materials, but also some gamification features.

How does gamification work for an education website or an app?

  • It makes students feel more motivated to do each task and the whole course to the end.
  • Besides motivation, it improves their self-confidence.
  • It boosts users not to be afraid to fail.
  • Games establish team-work skills.
  • It also works as a reward system and helps see results right here and now.
  • Gamification features may guide a student through a course.

You can build a gamification feature in an education site or app using any strategy that you think will work for your audience.
For example, content gamification where you write the story and embed it to the course, or structural gamification where you can use particular tasks such as quizzes.

We can’t imagine education without gamification. It encourages students as well as their teachers. Technology of today provides us a great opportunity to make a digital education more colorful and exciting.

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Gabrielxx6 • Edited

Gamification is a really interesting topic. The right gamification strategies can be really effective.