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How to align DevOps and ITIL

What unites ITIL and DevOps? For sure, continual improvement.
ITIL followers concentrate on delivering value through beneficial outcomes, while DevOps followers' focus is on upgrading technical practices for it. We consider services and products as related things so we can say that both ITIL and DevOps are working for a common goal-to deliver value to a customer.

The main question the head of the product should ask his team that wants to achieve its goals is: “Do my team's methods or capabilities align with the service team's methods or capability?”

The connection is important.A flow of updated knowledge should move from the service organization so as service operations can assist customers and provide value quickly. And vice versa, service operations should overcome issues, provide more information about them, process complaints and monitor trends. The data stream should become a feedback loop that helps developers and technology operations team improve their own capabilities and processes.

If you want to learn more about aligning DevOps and ITIL, you may read the article to the end.

DevOps engineers, what is your experience of working with ITIL practitioners?

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