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Discussion on: What made you switch your main programming language?

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Jordano Moscoso

I started with C# .NET on my university but I didn't like to develop only for windows environment. Also I was interested on building applications on the web. So I met PHP and I didn't like the syntax and also the available frameworks.

Switched to Ruby
A year after that I met Ruby on Treehouse website and I loved it, I was so clear and easy to use that I started to build applications really fast because of its simplicity and also the huge quantity of open source projects. So I have been working with ruby since that time, building bigger and bigger platforms.

Trying languages and frameworks
Two years ago I saw how node.js grew up and when I tried I had to install too much dependencies to build simply things also node.js uses a lot of memory and processor. Couple of months after that i met elixir and using it I understood that its too different of ruby because it's a functional language but i still liked.

The new way
On the last six months i met Crystal and i really liked, it's pretty fast, as clear to write as Ruby, concurrency and parallelism(on development) are simply to use and uses low memory and processor. Nevertheless, the problem is that Crystal nowadays is on alpha and the are only few open source projects.

So i think im going to contribute to Crystal and Crystal open source projects.