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I really prefer pytorch over tensorflow

  • I have Arch, it makes it super easy to install packages ( especially nvidia)
  • NVIDIA gtx 970 , but it only has 4gb of ram, so depending on the task I use CPU...
  • Used conda before ( when only a specific python version was supported by TF), now I use pip, I like it more
  • Yes, buy and SSD, It makes loading data extremely fast. I have nvme, but sata should work a lot too!
  • Another thing, sometimes I like using AWS, but only when have tested the training locally

Thanks for sharing!

Arch has always seemed very mysterious to me, but I will definitely give it a go!

I have found conda to be quite bloated and cumbersome, especially on Windows. Pip is very straightforward.


Yes, pip is very simple compared to conda. I thought the same about Arch, but the installation was super easy thanks to the documentation it has. I used fedora before, but it always caused me problems when installing nvidia, it was a pain. Moreover I love the fact that Arch has a rolling release.

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