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where's backend here? xD

This is list of projects that are based on frontend skills.

Frontend is not just UI/UX aka HTML+CSS+JS but also fetching, transforming and handling data along with the requests or if you want 'consuming the API'. GraphQL exists on both sides so yeah, that could be it but here on the list we have just queries which also falls under frontend skill. You can do a lot with firebase, i like it and use it here and there, but that ain't no backend.

So if there is no authentication, authorization, database communication, creation of API, implementing GraphQL resolvers (which are optional) then we can't call this list of full-stack projects.

I just came here to check this list out as a frontend developer who is just starting with backend and saw nothing that I already didn't use as a frontend developer.

Nevertheless cool list and you can learn a lot about frontend from the list.


Hey Ivan,

I totally get your point, but it depends where you come from.
If you have no experience this is a good step up to full-stack
If you already have experience/job in the field, it's more front-end.

I do not agree a front-end dev should know anything about connecting to backends, being a serverless thing or a actual database.
This is something "society" forced on everyone, same as expecting back-end devs to know design all of a sudden.

The article which includes Strapi, can be considered "full-stack" depending on the company, the people who benefit from this article are mainly junior/starting people, keep in mind they need to start somewhere and will most likely not get recruited by a Google on the first try.

So yes, i agree but we as a tech industry must also see we need to shape people and we can't throw them in the deep and expect a front-ender to fully build a database structure.
Using a serverless database is then a great first step.

Hope you're seeing my point here.

~ Chris


I see your point and I agree for the Strapi (great tool btw) article. I also agree that this is great article for juniors and beginners.

Frontend is fragmented today so I assumed that frontend is sum of it all (styling, JS and API consuming), but doesn't have to be - that's probably where my comment came from.

Yeah I 100% got you,

Planning to write about the different job roles soon and what they actually entail too.

So keep an eye out for that one.

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