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Have been a developer all these years, evolving now to be an engineer. Like react, loving JS.

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Software Engineer at Allbound

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7 uncomfortable truths about being a developer.

True Simplicity is the Key.

7 uncomfortable truths about being a developer.

"At any given point in time, you are doing what you want to b...

Day 4 - "dayofcovid" Sad and Crazy Covid situation :(

Thanks a lot, I truly hope we all recover from this situation...

Top 5 DEV Comments of the Past Week

Hehe, don't worry 😄😄 "No good deed goes unrewarded." Be your...

What was your win this week?

I caught up with 5 of my friends and colleagues, who were sup...

Top 5 DEV Comments of the Past Week

Omg! I didn't realize it was a thing. Wow!! Thanks a lot 🙌🙌

Top 5 DEV Comments of the Past Week

To be honest, I have the same question Like why me and why th...

Are you giving the proper sense to React.Fragment?

I wish one day I'd be able to express my, points in such line...

Connect your personal and work calendar

Happy to help 🙌🙌

#10 of 100DaysOfCode

Its good enough man

Discussion - Is Covid Impacting Developers Life?

For me social life sort of went up because, I was connecting ...

Day 1

Damn, you got will!

How I got comfortable with Javascript as a newbie

True thing, I once wrote a draft on currying and today I am t...

Day 3 - 100daysofcode JS begins

Thanks man will keep each other in check 🙌

I made a 'new tab' browser extension/theme

I'd be interested to know how you built it, maybe a step by s...

When REACT is too much, what do you go with?

yup jQuery would have been my pick too! I use one of bootswat...

Day 1

You completed all these in 1 day or was this your aim? just c...

Day 60

I am also doing 100daysofcode challenge and Whoa day 60 is qu...

How I got comfortable with Javascript as a newbie

I'll try Bogdan's course looks promising! 🙌 I gave myself sim...

#7 of 100DaysOfCode

Hey! I am doing 100daysofcode as well 🙌 keep it up! 😄

40 Amazing Chrome Extensions for Web Developers and Designers

Whoo, this sure was an exhaustive list 🙌

Day 1 - 100daysofcode

Thanks a lot 😄 Love these nudges ❤️ keeps me going 🙌

Why I moved from Styled Components to (S)CSS modules

JS has had enough tbh. It is generating the HTML, doing the C...

Day 1 - 100daysofcode

Thanks a lot 🙌 😄

Day 1 - 100daysofcode

Damn! Rookie mistake 😂 😂

I'm An Impostor

You sure can rant 🙌 Love it!

How to properly internationalize a React application using i18next

Oh my! this is a really big article, took me quite some time ...

TIP: Never leave your email address raw in the mailto link! Here's what to do instead

This was witty made me smirk 😄

100 days of code it is

Thanks man! :)

Learning resources for Self-taught developers

I remember the time when codecademy was totally free. I hop...

Weird Javascript?

Answer: 4

Welcome Thread - v45 vs Medium vs LinkedIn which one is a better blogging...

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