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How to find an Open Source project to contribute to on GitHub?

New folks often find difficulty while finding Open Source projects to contribute to. Yes, sometimes it's overwhelming when we see some big organization/large-scale projects.

But it's not always we need to start with bulky projects. We should always start with the project in which we are comfortable and level up on the way.

Here are some ways to find

1) Issue tab in GitHub

Head over to the Issue tab in GitHub and the search box, type:

label:"good first issue" language:java
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(change the language para accordingly.)

Pradumna Saraf

2) MunGell's awesome-for-beginners repo.

This repo contains beginner-friendly projects related to every programming language.

Link- MunGell/awesomeforbeginners

Pradumna Saraf


It will help you in finding good first issue from the thousand of the repo at one place.

link -

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harshitkumar31 profile image
Harshit Kumar

Just what I was looking for.

iamskjha profile image
Shivendu Kumar

Definitely Helpful for beginners in Open Source 🙌👍

pradumnasaraf profile image
Pradumna Saraf

Thanks for reading it, more on the way :)

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