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How to host a website within a minute for FREE!

Yes!! you heard it right, with the help of GitHub Pages you can host a website within a minute, for FREE.

So what are GitHub Pages?

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GitHub Pages is a static website hosting service that takes HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files straight from a repository on GitHub optionally runs the files through a build process and publishes a website.

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Let's now get straight into the process.

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Step-1 : Creating a GitHub account,

If you already have, you can skip this step.

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Step-2 : Creating a GitHub Repo.

Create a new public repository and named it as <Your-username>,(as shown in the image below). If it's an organization account, then put the organization name. After that commit it.

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Step-3 : Adding a index.html file.

After the repo is created, now it's time to add the index file. You will get served with this kind of screen after you committed the repo, click on creating a new file. Also, you can head over to the repo main page for creating the file.

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Name the file index.html(shown in the image below) and add some starter HTML code (You can use the sample code below).

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<!DOCTYPE html>
         <title>Pradumna Saraf</title>

         <h1>Website in One Minute</h1>
         <p>We Did it :)</p>

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After adding the starter code, scroll down and commit those changes.

WOOHOO 🎉, It's done, your website is hosted at, in my case

Note: if your website is not visible, no need to worry, wait 1-2 minutes and then try again because sometimes deployment takes time:D.

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