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Discussion on: Comparing the same web scraper in Haskell, Python, Go

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Prahlad Yeri

One may also argue that your python code uses the beautifulsoup library which has already done the hard work of parsing the html/xml for you!

(though in fairness, I don't know much about haskell or go to comment on how "bare metal" those pieces of code are).

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Ryan Westlund Author

True, beautiful soup seems much high-level than the other libraries. Though I am using at-least two non-standard libraries for all languages (Go has great high-level HTTP in the stdlib but needed 2 HTML/traversal libraries just to get there, for Haskell I'm using 5 libraries: req, html-conduit, dom-selector, xml-conduit and xml-types (might be a way to cut down on those but I really couldn't find it cause some of those libraries are just like 'provides HTML helpers for XML types' or something)).