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Discussion on: Linux, the right choice?

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Prathamesh Mali

I have two systems one desktop which has windows and a asus laptop which is now my main machine. Since I switched to linux I very rarely use my desktop 😂 only when I have to use MS office or gaming.
Ive switched to linux last year in July I was using PopOs specifically. It's amazing distro but the bloat was killing me and while updating I alos faced many issues.
In November I finally switched to an arch based distro Mnajaro i3 community edition it comes with the i3 window manager as the name suggests.
I have to say that using window manager vs the desktop environment totally changed my workflow and made it more keyboard centric. I switched from vscode to neovim and tmux. In a week or 2 I got used to it and now from Jan 1 2021 I'm using archlabs a very minimal arch distro😊.