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Starting my content creator journey as developer !

Pratik Badhe
I am a Software Engineer and self-taught Web developer, and I love to try and talk about latest tech.
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(🎵Playing YouSeeBIGGIRL/T:T in the background🎵)

After thinking and procrastinating for about more than 2 year finally I have decided to start my content creator journey. First thought about becoming a content creator came in my mind in 2019 but I kept finding different reasons and delayed it up till now...

But why start now you may ask, well there are 2 main reasons my final year of college (B.Cs) will probably end this or next month as the final exam dates are yet to be declared and the second reason is well it was my birthday yesterday so I thought it will be a good time to start something that can potentially change my life as I become 21 years old.

I will be posting content on YouTube, Twitter and Instagram these are my social handles.

YouTube :

Instagram :

Twitter :

GitHub :

I have good amount of content planned which I will start posting soon.

For YouTube
YouTube content
For Instagram
Instagram Content
I will also be documenting my learnings, projects, etc. as I become a better developer day after day and learn new tech.

Do follow me if you want to join me in my journey, see you on the other site and thank you for reading.
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