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Sri Pravan Paturi
Sri Pravan Paturi

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My first program in QBASIC

I wrote my first program when I was in 6th grade as a part of our school curriculum which included QBASIC programming.

Our school prescribed us a textbook with all kinds of cool but elementary stuff about computers but most importantly they taught us QBASIC. After programming in many languages, I still feel that for anyone who is trying to understand the basic concepts of programming, QBASIC gives a great start.

I don't exactly remember the first program I wrote in QBASIC but it was definitely not the classic hello world program. If my memory serves right, it was a program where I had to give a name as an input and output "Hi, " concatenated with the name onto the console. Something like this:

INPUT "Enter your name: ", NAME$

This program just blew my mind the day I wrote it because I was able to create a software that actually prompted me for input and gave a different output every time based on my input with just two lines of code.

I am currently enrolled in an undergraduate computer science course in a local university in India and out of all the programming languages I used right from my high school until today, I find Python very beginner friendly.

To draw a comparison between QBASIC and Python, here's the same program written in Python:

name = input()
print("Hi, " + name)

Though the two programs are very similar, I feel it is much easier to understand than the QBASIC version. Also Python is definitely much more powerful in terms of the use cases it can serve as compared to QBASIC and for these reasons, I would definitely recommend Python to anyone who wants to begin learning programming now but nevertheless writing those first programs in QBASIC was fun.

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