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Learn JavaScript Fundamentals

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Hey guys in this blog we were going to learn the fundamentals of JavaScript Programming. If you don't have programming experience, don't worry this will help you to get the basics of programming in general. Ok, lets jump on to the content.

What Is JavaScript Programming ?

JavaScript is a high level Object-Oriented programming language, it is mainly used to create interactive user interfaces in web page. JavaScript conforms the ECMAScript specification.
In the early days JavaScript is only executed in the browser but now we can use JavaScript outside the browser, it's really cool.
Nowadays JavaScript ruling the web development world and most of the reputed companies are already using it so, it is the right time to learn JavaScript. It is a nice and cool language you really enjoy learning it and actually worth it. Let's check the pros and cons of JavaScript.

Pros and Cons of JavaScript


Used In Server Side
Extended functionality
Great Community


Browser Support
Single Inheritance
Rendering Stopped
Sluggish Bitwise Function
Ok, I'm talked enough theory, I know theories are always boring stuff lets write some JavaScript code !.

Set up Your Coding Environment

Let's set up our coding environment before writing code. For writing code we want a text editor like notepad++ or anything you like to write your code. Recommended (Visual Studio Code) it has many features like syntax highlighting you just love writing code with VS Code. It has simple straightforward installation press next next next !.

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