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Angular TriStateCheckbox

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Angular TriStateCheckbox is used to select either "true", "false" or "null" as the value.


Refer to PrimeNG setup documentation for download and installation steps for your environment.


import {TriStateCheckboxModule} from 'primeng/tristatecheckbox';
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Getting Started

TriStateCheckbox is defined using p-triStateCheckbox element and requires a value binding via ngModel.

<p-triStateCheckbox [(ngModel)]="value" label="Item Label"></p-triStateCheckbox>
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export class ModelComponent {

    value: any;

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Model Driven Forms

TriStateCheckbox can be used in a model driven form as well.

<p-triStateCheckbox formControlName="property"></p-triStateCheckbox>
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TriStateCheckbox supports various themes featuring Material, Bootstrap, Fluent as well as your own custom themes via the Designer tool.


Visit the PrimeNG TriStateCheckbox showcase for demos and documentation.

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