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PrimeReact 6.2.0 Adds Grouping for Selects

primetek profile image PrimeTek ・1 min read

PrimeReact 6.2.0 is out now with support for option grouping in select components and internal improvements to overlay components.

Grouping for Selects

AutoComplete, Dropdown, MultiSelect and Listbox now offer grouping functionality for the options.


Components with popup overlays like Calendar, Dialog now teleport their elements to document body by default. This eliminates the need to use the appendTo property in certain cases like having a overflowing container.

Full Changelog

View the full changelog for more information about the release.


Our attention is now moving to v7 that will be one of the most important releases of PrimeReact.

  • Virtual Scrolling
  • Advanced Table Filtering
  • New Table Scrolling
  • Accessibility docs and scores for each component
  • Built-in RTL
  • More typing for better typescript support

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