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PrimeVue 3.3.3 Brings Enhanced Overlays

primetek profile image PrimeTek ・2 min read

PrimeVue 3.3.3 is at your service now with important internal improvements on components with overlays such as dropdown, multiselect and calendar.


All overlays are migrated to use Teleport feature of Vue 3 instead of a custom baked solution, this results in less code and easier maintenance. Prior to 3.3.3, overlays are appended to their parent components with appendTo option to attach them to body, now all overlays are teleported to document body by default.

Overlay Communication

Outside click detection can be tricky when overlays are nested such as a dropdown inside an overlay panel, since both are appended to document body and hide themselves when outside of their content is clicked, various issues occur like selecting the dropdown option hiding the overlay panel. Now overlays communicate with each other internally and decide when to hide. This doesn't require any configuration, it just works! Actually this is one of the nice things about using a component library from the same vendor so that components can work in harmony.

Bye Mitt

Mitt was a simple EventBus that PrimeVue used in the past, 3.3.3 replaces it with our own lightweight implementation so you can safely remove Mitt from your projects if you only added it for PrimeVue.


Visit the changelog of 3.3.3 for more details about the changes.


PrimeVue is available at NPM and free to use under MIT License.


PrimeVue 3.4.0 will focus on virtual scrolling. There will be a standalone virtual scrolling component and it will be integrated into Table and Select components for performant rendering. In addition, we'll bring a new component called TreeSelect.

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