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PrimeVue 3.5.0 is ready for PrimeTime

PrimeTek is a world renowned vendor of popular UI Component suites including PrimeFaces, PrimeNG, PrimeReact and PrimeVue. For any inquires please use to contact us.
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PrimeVue has received a major update with version 3.5.0 that brings first class IDE support, Devtools support, Scrollable TreeTable, Scrollable Tree, templating for menus and many more. In total there are 65 improvements.

 IDE Support

PrimeVue now ships with component metadata to enhance your development experience within your favorite tools. The tooling is supported by popular tools like Vetur/VSCode and Webstorm.

Tree and TreeTable Scrolling

Both the Tree and TreeTable components have received the functionality for scrolling. In the case of TreeTable we've also added extensions like the ability to freeze columns.

Menu Templating

All menu components now offer customization options with templating so that you can define your own content instead of the built-in ones.

Loading for Selects

Select components like Dropdown has a new loading property to use when items are being fetched froma remote source.

 Even More Highlights

  • Draggable Dialog
  • Column resizing for Scrollable Tables
  • JumpToPageDropdown option for Paginator
  • MultiSelect selectionLimit
  • Lazy loading for TabView and AccordionPanel
  • Easier conditional rendering for Table columns
  • Improved typescript support
  • Defect Fixes


View the Changelog for a complete list of the changes.


PrimeVue is licensed under MIT and free to download at NPM.


There is no time to rest, we've already working on version 3.6.0 and picked some of the ideas from the PrimeVue Roadmap.

Vue 2 Support

Due to community demand, we've extended support for PrimeVue v2 until the end of 2021 so we'll keep maintaining it with periodic releases. These releases will focus on maintenance whereas major new features will be exclusive for PrimeVue v3 only.

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