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React Menu

primetek profile image PrimeTek ・1 min read

React Menu is a navigation/command component that supports dynamic and static positioning.


Refer to PrimeReact setup documentation for download and installation steps for your environment.


import { Menu } from 'primereact/menu';
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MenuModel API

Menu uses the common menumodel api to define its items, visit MenuModel API for details.

Getting Started

Menu requires a collection of menuitems as its model.

<Menu model={items} />
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let items = [
    {label: 'New', icon: 'pi pi-fw pi-plus'},
    {label: 'Delete', icon: 'pi pi-fw pi-trash'}
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Menu supports one level of nesting via subitems of an item.

let items = [
        label: 'Options',
        items: [{label: 'New', icon: 'pi pi-fw pi-plus',command:()=>{ window.location.hash="/fileupload"; }},
                {label: 'Delete', icon: 'pi pi-fw pi-trash', url: ''}]
        label: 'Account',
        items: [{label: 'Options', icon: 'pi pi-fw pi-cog',command:()=>{ window.location.hash="/"; }},
                {label: 'Sign Out', icon: 'pi pi-fw pi-power-off'} ]
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Popup Mode

Menu is inline by default whereas popup mode is supported by enabling popup property and calling toggle method with an event of the target.

<Menu model={items} popup ref={menu} />
<Button label="Show" icon="pi pi-bars" onClick={(event) => menu.current.toggle(event)}/>
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Menu supports various themes featuring Material, Bootstrap, Fluent as well as your own custom themes via the Designer tool.


Visit the PrimeReact Menu showcase for demos and documentation.

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