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Discussion on: FrontEnd Development: Zero to Hero

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Hi @Habdul Hazeez,

Thanks for the posting! I started my coding journey back in 1994. I made a simple webpage, it was for the chat client "Virtual Places." One site grew to six sites that I created and maintained. Along the way learned some JS(1-1.2). I also dabbled with CSS(1), Java(mostly applets)and the defunct Jscript. By 2001, I stopped(could kick myself hard and repeatedly for doing that). Enter 2019, I was reading articles online a discovered what I was doing(and self taught)was called coding.

I then tried to break into IT as a Jr. Front End Dev. Didn't happen(it's coming though). The company referred me to another site for free training. Along the way I picked up some useful sites. Decided, the site wasn't for me and been using the useful sites.