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Oh. One of those ;) Anyway, yes, I really hate Windows, it's not just that I dont like it. Why? I could talk all day but two things made me completely remove it from all PCs I owned and managed. Last Windows I liked were Win95. Windows 7 was ok. But when Windows 8 came out, its UI just shocked me. Spent days removing that touchscreen optimized stuff and other stuff that just made me inefficient at work. I kept up for a few weeks, but then 2nd biggest issue with Windows (for me) came up. Running to work, being late for a presentation, opening laptoo and bam... 10 minute update! Or being late at work, so also late for lunch home... Same thing, I do shutdown and then sit down for 10 mins looking at the wall, hungry. Yes, I'm one of those allways in a hurry, postponing updates till the last minute when Windows finally forces you to update and leaves you no choice. Well, it's my laptop, my Windows copy I payed for, hell even my company and network. If I want to postpone indefinitely I want to be able to.


Yeah, updates have been cumbersome for a really long time too. But latest version of Windows 10 allow you to schedule or defer them by choice. Of course that's no reason you should switch back to Windows. :)


;) I don't even follow Windows anymore. With all my AWS resources, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, NAS servers, Android, etc... it just feels like a completely strange OS :) I installed Win10 6 months ago as second boot option as my kid has grown up and PC gaming is a thing :) Its hard to explain the feeling of doing it. As much as I disliked it before, it was 10 times worse now, after years of exclusive Linux (Mint) usage. I have several PCs to maintain for absolute non-tech familly members and emoloyees. My 76 year old father among them. There has been zero issues and not more than few hours per year on maintaining those, remotely. Completely uncomperable to times Windows were on those PCs. Just viruses and updates create 10x more work than that. And Im not some modern buzzword-follower or brand fanatic. My first Windows installed was Windows 3.1 (came on 13 3.5 inch diskettes back then) and first Linux was Slackware 3.


And i still find the nagging infuriating, always interrupting playing games. And when you do reboot for an update it feels like an eternity of not being able to use your machine, whereas in Linux you rarely need to reboot and all updates can be installed while you use the machine.

yes, infuriating was the word I was looking for :)


updates can be disabled using third party tools (found on internet), there was a custom start menu made by third parties (freeware), there are cheap Windows licenses on eBay (less than 10 usd)


more stable tools are released for windows, also you can run linux tools now on windows by using WSL

"if you can't beat them, join them" :) I'm so glad Steve Ballmer is out of MS. Things are looking better now than with Windows 8. We have MS VSCode that won over Sublime. We have WSL so Windows OS developers don't have to have second boot option with Linux (and be too tempted to delete the first one after using it).
But... "more stable tools"? "Stability" is the last word I'd use to describe Windows, at least in dev world and outside of .NET. And... WSL is more for people that are somehow forced to use Windows, but to suggest WSL on WIndows to a Linux developer with node/react stack? That would feel a bit mazohistic.

@psiho I'd like to put a question here. I am currently exploring the MERN stack and I have decent experience in React. What exactly are the shortcomings of using node/react stack on Windows? I'm curious to know upfront so that I don't run into problems later. In my opinion, all languages and related tools' experiences like Python/pip, Node/npm, Ruby/gem are completely platform-agnostic (except C++ maybe).

I was going to ask the same thing. Unless there’s some awesome IDE I can’t fathom what difference it could make to develop with a JavaScript framework on windows, Linux, or Mac.

@neweyc There is one. It's called Visual Studio (available for both Windows and Mac). But developers (of any language/stack) are obviously doing just fine without it too.

@psiho Almost all popular WebDev YouTube channels (Traversy Media, The Net Ninja, to name a couple) use Windows because Web Development is as breeze on it as it is on any other OS. They probably use Windows because it has better streaming support (due to gaming environment and all).

Im not the best person to ask that Q. I switched to Linux before WSL. I've never found any reason to switch back or investigate. All info about that are from 2nd hand, people I know, their issues or success. I never said Windows is bad for development, of any stack. I was just replying to a claim that windows "has more stable tools" and WSL suggestion to me (obviosely a Linux users for years which was stated in the post replied to) and said that would be mazohistic for users like me. Im on Linux full time since before WSL, and part time (home PC) since times Node did not have native Windows version. So for loads of stuff u mention today, Linux (and often Mac) was "home". Stuff completely and seamlesly integrated into OS, Open Source and everyday tools I used on that PC that might have nothing to do with dev work. It was never a "layer" there, but core. From that perspective I guess you can understand why people like me are probably never going back unless Linux community really does something bad, like Windows 8 was when I switched.
WebDev YouTube channels are not a measure of anything. Its a niche. I guess videoediting is the resaon, not necessarily the dev environment. People like Premier and tools like that. Don't really know why, Davinci Resolve in my opinion is now better both on Win and Linux. I use it to make 4K videos from my drone. On AMD grafics which has native kernel drivers for linux.
But anyway, Im not saying Windows is bad as dev environment, at least not after Ballmer era. In my opinion he almost ruined MS. Im glad to see Azure, VSCode for Linux, WSL and MS opening up. But for somebody switched long time ago, there are really no reasons to go back. I leave it for you fresh devs to discuss about reasons for those considering both OSes today. I just dont knoe about Win enough anymore.


You can do almost anything with any OS, with 3rd party stuff and some work. Bottom line is how much effort you want to spend on this, for every PC you manage. I don't want to work arround OS, I want to work with it.

I agree. But comfort is subjective. Working around and working with something can mean different things to different people. It's a matter of habit, getting used to, and most importantly, comfort again.

Agree too :) But since I'm one of the older here (in IT since 1985) let me add that it also changes over time. Long are passed days when every new Windows (or Linux) release was something to wait, spend weeks tweaking those, more than actually working :) After years, you appriciate more and more efficiency and out-of-the-box features. Tweaking becomes work, not fun. Your nerves become thinner. Im sure many of you will agree with me sooner or later. I know I would disagree with today-myself 20 years ago :)

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