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re: updates can be disabled using third party tools (found on internet), there was a custom start menu made by third parties (freeware), there are chea...

You can do almost anything with any OS, with 3rd party stuff and some work. Bottom line is how much effort you want to spend on this, for every PC you manage. I don't want to work arround OS, I want to work with it.

I agree. But comfort is subjective. Working around and working with something can mean different things to different people. It's a matter of habit, getting used to, and most importantly, comfort again.

Agree too :) But since I'm one of the older here (in IT since 1985) let me add that it also changes over time. Long are passed days when every new Windows (or Linux) release was something to wait, spend weeks tweaking those, more than actually working :) After years, you appriciate more and more efficiency and out-of-the-box features. Tweaking becomes work, not fun. Your nerves become thinner. Im sure many of you will agree with me sooner or later. I know I would disagree with today-myself 20 years ago :)

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