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re: @neweyc There is one. It's called Visual Studio (available for both Windows and Mac). But developers (of any language/stack) are obviously doing j...

Im not the best person to ask that Q. I switched to Linux before WSL. I've never found any reason to switch back or investigate. All info about that are from 2nd hand, people I know, their issues or success. I never said Windows is bad for development, of any stack. I was just replying to a claim that windows "has more stable tools" and WSL suggestion to me (obviosely a Linux users for years which was stated in the post replied to) and said that would be mazohistic for users like me. Im on Linux full time since before WSL, and part time (home PC) since times Node did not have native Windows version. So for loads of stuff u mention today, Linux (and often Mac) was "home". Stuff completely and seamlesly integrated into OS, Open Source and everyday tools I used on that PC that might have nothing to do with dev work. It was never a "layer" there, but core. From that perspective I guess you can understand why people like me are probably never going back unless Linux community really does something bad, like Windows 8 was when I switched.
WebDev YouTube channels are not a measure of anything. Its a niche. I guess videoediting is the resaon, not necessarily the dev environment. People like Premier and tools like that. Don't really know why, Davinci Resolve in my opinion is now better both on Win and Linux. I use it to make 4K videos from my drone. On AMD grafics which has native kernel drivers for linux.
But anyway, Im not saying Windows is bad as dev environment, at least not after Ballmer era. In my opinion he almost ruined MS. Im glad to see Azure, VSCode for Linux, WSL and MS opening up. But for somebody switched long time ago, there are really no reasons to go back. I leave it for you fresh devs to discuss about reasons for those considering both OSes today. I just dont knoe about Win enough anymore.

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