Open Source, PHP and Visual Studio Code

Peter Tasker on November 21, 2017

Lately, VS Code has been getting a lot of hype in the dev community. It's been around since for a few years and TBH is a really sweet editor. L... [Read Full]
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I'm able to use XDebug without much problems in VS Code but it's the PHPUnit extensions (I've tried at least three of them) that seem to either break alltogether, run with wrong configurations or encounter some other shady matters. Unfortunate, because that and good refactoring support might be the only obstacles for me to fully switch off from JetBrains world.

Microsoft seems to be focusing on Javascript and Typescript which is nice but not enough for me.


I'm an user of both PhpStorm and VScode, but the sad part is that even if there's a bug in Phpstorm, and you report it, there's a slim to no chance of getting it pushed asap.


Yeah, that's also true. My main reason for staying with Storm is that it has a lot built in (code auto-formatting, Xdebug etc.). The whole VSCode extension community is a little wonky at the moment, at least for PHP support.


That's true, storm is great since it covers a lot of things (including nice db remote support, rest calls etc), but I do use VSCode as my daily here's a file edit it handler.


Wow Microsoft has changed it's no longer the same, TypeScript is awesome despite it being from MS, even BabylonJS, leave the personal sentiments and use the tools.


🔥But seriously, VS Code is pretty sweet. TypeScript seems neat too, but I haven't had reason to use it over ESNext.

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