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What's up with all the customer support number posts?

puf17640 profile image Julian Pufler ・1 min read

Since Hacktoberfest started, I feel like the number of random, or 'spam-like' posts has increased a lot...

Any ideas what we can do about this?


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graciegregory profile image
Gracie Gregory (she/her)

Hello! On behalf of the DEV team, thank you for your help in surfacing and reporting these accounts.

Our team is both proactively seeking these accounts out and responding to complaints around the clock. We are also talking through a more permanent fix but in the meantime, we are banishing users and their posts/comments from the site as we find them.

Thanks again for your help in making DEV a positive, helpful, and spam-free environment for all!

puf17640 profile image
Julian Pufler Author

No problem! Keep up the great work!