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ability to expose disrespect to the writing

I guess that you've meant something like downvotes here? I think it's better to just give your opinion in the post comment, and give a reason why would you downvote that post. The key thing here is that if you care enough to give a downvote then you should give a reason to, otherwise, I think that this site will become something like Reddit, SO, HN where there is a ton of users not caring to express their opinions but have fast finger on that downvote button.
So while Reddit and HN can be fun to read, I don't think that Dev.to should follow their example in that direction.

In meantime, I've realized that the users' variety at Dev.to has risen proportionally to the number of new users, so there is no ideal solution for what you've mentioned. Also, DEV.to team clearly expects from their users to use common sense when writing a post, and not just copy a part of documentation and post here, but there is not much anyone can do about it, without something like post review before publishing, and I don't think that would work.

Related to blacklisting, we have here posts that can include up to 4 tags at most (Am I correct?) So if you blacklist one tag, that post will not show in your feed despite you, maybe, having other 3 tags in your favorites, so I'm not sure how that would work either :/


I agree that downvote buttons are generally a bad idea. It's hard to even pin down a real meaning to them. Does downvoting mean the post is bad? Maybe it just means you disagree with the post. It's still possible to disagree with a well-researched and reasoned argument. I think something in the user interface whose meaning is "don't show me more articles like this" is better. It doesn't change how other people experience the site.

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