Allo, I'm Richa

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I am a technical writer, editor, artist, gamer, and developer. I am not all of those things at the same time, and there are times when I am not any of those things, but that is who I am.

Primarily, I am an information developer focused on user documentation and requirements analysis. Over the years, I have also dabbled in magazine publishing, media, and usability.

I have been coding on and off since 2004, but have recently developed a new interest in web and game development that extends beyond user documentation. I am currently learning more about using JS/JQuery for web development.

You can find me on GitHub as purplestencil

This has been my first attempt at an introduction post. Nice to 'meet' y'all!

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Welcome! So great to have you onboard. What made you take the plunge into more development?

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Technical writer, editor, gamer, artist, and developer. Sometimes not-quite-sure-what. Future goals: game design. Current goals: graduate school.

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