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Learn How To Extend Kafka Topic Modeling with Diffusion

push_technology profile image push_technology ・1 min read

Are you willing to learn about the kafka topic modelling and Diffusion? Go ahead and join this tutorial on how to extend Kafka Topic Modelling With Diffusion. Starting with the introduction to Diffusion Real-Time Event Stream through a simple application using Diffusion Cloud and Apache Kafka, this tutorial will take you through different lessons. Here are different lessons that will help you enhance your knowledge:

Lesson 1- This first lesson will help you learn about the Kafka Adaptor and how to Publish event streams to Kafka cluster.

Lesson 2-This will enhance your knowledge on fine-grained distribution of Kafka event firehose with Topic Views.

Lesson 3-The third lesson introduces the concept of Security with Topic-level access control.

For more information, you can join the tutorial here:

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