How I'm Managing Work-Life Balance

Preeti Wadhwani on June 12, 2019

Last year I started becoming more active, challenging myself in different areas in my day job, giving talks, organizing and attending meetups and c... [Read Full]
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Hi Preeti..!! It was nice to go through your experience and evaluate mine.. I am looking to learn Javascript from long time.. Everytime, I would start with HTML CSS and Javascript..would make some progress and get stuck.. I find it difficult to manage my day and get what should I really focus on in Javascript..


Hi, Thank you for reading it. I would suggest you to ask someone to be your mentor who can discuss with you what is your interest and help you decide what you should focus on at the moment with related to javascript. Twitter is a great place to ask for help and also you can approach someone from the local community. We also can chat about it and I can help you with it/ finding a mentor. :)


Thankyou..!! would be of great help..!! Please let me know when can I text you..


All of these tips are fantastic! I need to keep all of these things in mind as I start my new job and get more involved in my community. Thank you for sharing with us. :)


Thank you for reading it! Good luck with your new job and I am sure it will be amazing. :) Being part of the community really helps and you can always chat with me about anything :)

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