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Best Visual Code Editor for ReactJS in 2020 (Let's try it before the year ends)

px2code profile image pxCode ・1 min read

Sometimes coding might be frustrated and time-wasting. But if there's a tool that doesn't required Hand-Coding, and it can still turn your design blueprint into a well-functioned Responsive Webpage, I bet you'd like to know more about it.

Me and my team have been trying to get rid of this situation for years, so we finally came out with a tool to help, which doesn't required measurements, no more handoff tools, most importantly no more hand-coding and code gen.

But aside of these, you can still hold complete control on your Layout and Code. You should definitely try it if you're into Responsive Webpage.

We currently featured Bootstrap and Flexbox. For design file, we currently support Sketch, and Figma in the near future! We will be releasing a bunch of tutorial videos soon, check out our YouTube channel to get the latest news.

Honestly we hate promoting this directly, but this time it is an exception. We're so proud of this tool that we have created, hope it can helps you on your project, even just save you a little time. And don't forget to share your feedback with us?!


oh, we are pxCode.


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Small piece of advice, include a link to your website.

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pxCode Author

oops! thanks you!

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Seriouly? you guys must have put a lot effort in it