pxCode Challenge ! Day1

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Give me your Sketch, and we give you the Code!

Preview the result here: https://bit.ly/2GLH8nx

Hand-code web is painful and slow. We provide pxCode a better solution for web development in a much faster and joyful way without sacrificing code quality.

It's the first challenge from someone who gives us the Sketch download link. It seems a sample project, but it's still like a real and practical case to demonstrate.

We have completed the landing page from scratch in 48 mins 10 secs. You can check out the video on how to achieve in pxCode in detail.
You can preview the result and final source code at CodeSandbox.
Preview the result here: https://bit.ly/2GLH8nx
Final source code at CodeSandBox:

We are welcome and excited to invite you to join the challenge.
Let us help you!

pxCode Offical Site: https://www.pxcode.io/

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We are pxCode Team - Pixels To Code pxCode Studio do "Sketch to React / React Native / HTML" https://pxcode.io


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