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Discussion on: Fresh – Is this new Javascript framework the Node-killer?

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Aurélien Delogu

Oh boy... You clearly expanded my understanding on frontend frameworks 😅 Very interesting articles, thanks a lot for that !

It handles hydration which is entirely different from reactivity.

Indeed. Instead of talking about reactivity I should have said "interactivity" which was more what I have in mind.

Sorry, acting a bit like a Ryan Carniato deadhead but his enthusiasm for these kind of topics is kind of infectious.

Well... click Followed too.

Perhaps sometime in the future they'll expand to the edge and perhaps it is then that Deno will become relevant to them.

In fact, that was my point earlier, I'll try to explain it a bit. I think that there are a whole bunch of different frameworks out there and only the most knowns (or should I say: the most trendy) will be used. But TypeScript takes more and more space into companies' stacks. And adopting Deno instead of Node seems to be the fair suite to this. And then... Fresh. It would take some years for that but... I'm willing to take a gamble 😄