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Dresscode – Dress up your code with a beautiful GUI

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Hi DEV Community !

I created the Pyrustic framework and built a few applications with it, including Hubstore to connect users to applications.

I wondered if it was possible to make GUI dev even easier. I thought of a GUI builder, with drag and drop and everything that surrounds it. My current idea is complex to build, I hate using GUI builder, so the one I am going to create should be the one I will love to use. So I tried to create an intermediate product... Something between a GUI builder and a raw framework beast: Dresscode !

I just finished the project (thanks Kolourpaint and Gifski). I started it last Sunday. I am therefore only addressing early adopters for the moment.

I think there are a lot of people who would like to add a GUI to their existing projects. But they don't want or don't have the time to or are afraid to learn how to use a GUI toolkit. By the way, I'm writing a tutorial to help them get interested in GUI dev. In the meantime, there is Dresscode !

Dresscode allows you to easily add a GUI to your project (next one or existing one) without altering the existing code base. And no need to learn how to use a GUI toolkit !

I hope this project will be useful to a lot of people and that it will make some of them want to use the Pyrustic framework to have full control over the GUI. Pyrustic could be like C, and Dresscode could be like Python :)

Your feedback is highly appreciated !

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