Basic PostgreSQL tuning parameters

pythonmeister on March 06, 2019

I love PostgreSQL, really. It is a very complete database engine and to my knowledge the only open source database which can fully keep up with com... [Read Full]
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Do you use any PostgreSQL GUI tools? I'm trying to find something worthwhile.
Recently I've tried dbForge Studio, but still looking for alternatives to compare.


I went to pycharm only a longer time ago. For most of the things it is capable of doing more than I need, the rest is done in pgadmin.


Hi, how about if in one server there are several PostgreSQL instances. As I have one server with 4 PostgreSQL instances.

do you need to divide the total amount of RAM with how many PG instances first??


When you run multiple instances of a database engine on one server you are sooner or later running into resource problems as they compete about the same resources.
In an ideal world, you'd have one database server on one server installed and this
the database server is perfectly tuned to use the server's resources.
From this point of view, you should try to bundle multiple databases into one instance.

If this is not an option you need to do more than diving the amount of RAM available.

As this is not a recommended setup I can't give you advice here beside: don't do it.


Yes, I thought the same, as in the long run I will have issues related with resources. But for now, I need to work with this situation.

Thanks a lot for the great article and answer


Thanks for this.

Definitely a great guide to the essentials.

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