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Top Cross Browser Testing Platforms

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Cross Browser Testing is always done to ensure the functioning of websites across all the browsers. We have discussed the concept of Cross Browser Testing earlier and here we are presenting some top “Cross Browser Testing Platforms”. The combination of different operating systems and browsers will help in checking the compatibility of a website.

Cross-Browser testing is a hectic job for a tester but the mentioned tools will ease the process of testing and maintain the preciseness of the web platform. Say, bye, to all the worries of testing, because the designated tools will do the things for you.

Features to be Tested

Prior to getting started on the testing directly, make a checklist of peculiarities that must be examined:

Test Validation of:

Page Validation with or without Java Script
Font Size

The functionality of Ajax and jQuery.
Page Styling and Layout at various resolutions.
Alignment of images and texts.
Testing of header and footer.
Zoom in and Zoom Out.

Hence, these are basic things that must be tested for the smooth functioning of any website. The rest will depend upon the integrated features of an online platform. Now let’s have a look over the top cross-browser testing tools that are well known for their versatile characteristics.

The tool facilitates a platform through which real desktop and mobile browsers can be tested. Testers will be able to view a website on more than one browser at once. It supports CI tools like Jenkins. It has provisions to run single or parallel screenshots in order to perform the testing process, and the process makes it a fast testing tool.


Complete Application is accessible because of its intuitive REST API.
Extensions like Fire-Bug and Chrome Dev Tools are provided by the tool and full access is driven from there.
Quality testing is done in the presence of Selenium and Appium cloud testing

Lamba Test:

This is a cloud-based cross-browser testing tool, through which a website can be tested across various operating systems, and browsers. To perform testing, simply run an automated selenium script here. One can also perform it in a live environment by putting various scenarios.


The tool executes a proper environment to test the responsiveness of a website.
A provision to test hosted website along with SSH Tunnel.
Supports automated multiple screenshots.
Support is available 24/7.


It is a cross browsers testing tool that facilitates an environment of multiple browsers and operating systems. Testers will be able to perform testing over the various combinations and figure out the existing bugs.


The tool is designed based on UI automated testing concept, and the tester will be able to create test-cases and run the same over the available web application.
It expedites approximately 1500 real environments for testing, and no configuration or set up will be needed for it.
Based on the need, TestComplete provides access to the latest devices browsers and operating systems in real-time for thorough testing of the product.


Browershot offers customization features for browsers, screen resolutions, operating systems, Scripts, etc. In order to test your website, select and set the various parameters, and put the URL of your website. The result will be fetched immediately.


Easy to understand along with customization option
Supports more than 200 web browsers (Arora, Firefox, Opera, Safari, SeaMonkey, and Google Chrome, etc.)

Turbo Browser SandBox:

A Tester likes the tool because it facilitates an environment where no installation is needed. All popular browsers are supported by Turbo Browser Sandbox. Previously, it was available free of cost but now the testing tool is paid.


Supports all popular browsers just as IE (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, etc.)
Secure and scalable testing tool
Executes testing quickly and reflects the output


If the website is created using scripts, this is the best testing tool. Majorly it highlights the bugs of layouts and scripting of any web platform. Also, like all other testing tools, Browsera offers a platform to test the compatibility of a website in various environments.


It highlights the errors related to JavaScripts and Layout
Testing of the complete website at once.
Testing of all integrated web pages behind the login and password
No Installation is needed


This is a testing tool to check the compatibility of the website across various browsers and mobile devices. There is a 2000+ environment that is offered by the tool and hence it is one of the most comprehensive testing tools.


Testers will be able to test the web platform on real devices of Android and iOS by utilizing their cloud server.
No Setup or Installation is needed. Instant testing in real-time is available.
Protected and Safe network.

Hence these are some most known and leading cross-browser testing tools to maintain the compatibility of websites across various browsers and mobile devices. These tools have not only reduced the effort but also increased the preciseness of a website. A live environment is offered to carry the tests and ensure the smooth working of a web product. We will keep on adding new topics. Feel free to ask if any query comes. We are a click away. Stay tuned.


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