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re: Does your website really need to be larger than Windows 95? VIEW POST

re: Business doesn't care whether I glue together desktop or web code as long as it runs anywhere.

Does your desktop code run in the browser?
Or will that be a complete duplication?

No, you won't need a browser for a good desktop application. But it could communicate over HTTP(S) if you feel like it.

You need a version of your application in the browser anyway, otherwise how will people start deriving value from your application and want to install it?

Good question. How does Photoshop sell so well? It has no browser version.

Just make good software.

Perhaps because it's software for professionals(1), for deep work(2), that is clientside resource-limited(3), with a decades long legacy of brand recognition(4) from before anything resembling the modern web, with legacy native code on multiple platforms(5) by a company that has 4 gorillion senior programmers(6) and whose core business is clientside software and not another service(7).


And you have the chance to make a new one. Don't waste it on the web.

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