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My First Dev Post

In the month of February, a good friend of mine wanted me to participate in a hackathon with her, and she wanted to make a project using WebDev. Being a newbie in the coding world, I didn't even know HTML at that time, but I heard it was super easy, so I agreed to be on her team.
Sadly, our idea was rejected, and so my motivation to learn Web Development vanished. Poof.
After about a month of Procrastinating, I've finally started learning Web Dev, Thanks to a Twitter user named Pratham, who shares really good content about WebDev. That really motivated me to "Get Started".
Now, I've taken up a course on Coursera, completed my week 1 module and week 2 module in about 2 days :)
No, I'm not that smart, but It's not that hard, just like what everyone says.
So, right now, I know HTML, CSS Basics, Box Model, styling, positioning, and similar stuff. I've also taken up the commitment of "100 days of code" on Twitter, i.e. I tweet about my daily progress in Web Development so that I have something to be accountable for if I feel like quitting anytime.
I'm happy to have finally started, and It's really fun, honestly.
Right now, I'm working on submitting my week2 module assignment.
I know it's due next to next week, but the sooner the better :)
Looking forward to sharing my journey in the field of Web Development.


P.S.: I'm loving this Developer Community. I never really worked much in groups or participated in circles. But this seems fun, people are really genuine and helpful.

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Hey Nishi!
I've just joined Dev last night and yours is the first article I've read.
Great work and a great start. I started last summer on Net Ninja tutorials doing HTML/CSS & JavaScript then on to React/Node/Angular and now some SQL and C# (via Unity) and motivation has definitely been something to manage. I'm currently searching for my first dev role and your post was really energising and inspiring, so thanks! :-)

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Nishi Author

I'm glad to hear that! I hope we all will have a worthwhile journey ahead :)

cmuralisree profile image
Chittoji Murali Sree Krishna

That's a good start, honestly I've too started from plain html css javascript,

By the way welcome to the community, you can find a good developers here and few newbies too, share your success and knowledge across.

happy coding, πŸ‘

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YusufAdel • Edited on

Wish you the best and cosider visiting
This site
It will help you keep tracking your progress of what skills you got or possible learn in the future

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Glad that you found your start into the dev world!
Wish you all the best - and if you're stuck at some point, there are many development community discords out there. 😊 Just search for them - they're full of people who are glad when they can help each other. Keep it up πŸ‘

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🐀πŸ₯‡ Jasper de Jager

Welcome! looking forward to your posts! 😎

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Nishi Author


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Welcome πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„. If you want any help you can just create posts tagged help.

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Thu Htet Tun

Wish you all the best Nishi,
Happy Coding

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Syed Umair Ali

Welcome abroad πŸ’―πŸ’―πŸ’―

makertolentino profile image

May the journey be great... πŸ™

queenish01 profile image
Nishi Author

Yupp 😊

queenish01 profile image
Nishi Author

Thank you, everyone.
Your kind words mean a lot to me ❀

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