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Best Augmented Reality Apps

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Since the beginning of the use of augmented reality technology, many Android and IOS AR apps have been introduced by various companies. Here we go:
Pokémon Go: With the help of GPS, the game can map your location as you move in the world. Also, it uses your smartphone camera to project the real world and overlay Pokemons.
Augment: With Augment, the seller can upload the 3D model of the product, Augment has revitalized the e-commerce industry after a long gap helping drive sales
Searching and navigations:
Google lens: Instead of typing words for searching about images or real pictures, this app directly uses a camera to capture the object, identify them, simplifying the search experience
GeoGebra & AugThat! : This app aids students in learning various subjects with more interest as it brings topics and subjects to life through visualization helping interactive learning
Augmented Reality apps, hence having far-reaching implications, can challenge the status quo in diverse fields, ranging from gaming to design application to e-commerce, owing to this every industry is trying to adapt AR technology for better user experience, better sales, and better reach. One way this can be done is by integrating with existing frameworks into various pre-built platforms. At Queppelin, we provide platforms that have on-fly integrations, and no development time required. We have products like AR Furniture Retail, Virtual Events, VR Meetings Platform, etc. You can visit Queppelin to find out more in the Platforms section and improve your business with AR right-away!

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