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Discussion on: What is Virtual DOM? How Virtual DOM works ? What is Reconciliation ? What is diffing algorithm? What makes React so fast ?

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Huy Ta Quoc

Maybe this is not directly related to the article but I want to point out that "being fast" is actually not a selling point of React. At least not for me. I think most people don't use React because it's fast. In fact, React is often slower and heavier than its competitors out there (e.g. Svelte, Vue 3, Preact, etc.).

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Sanjeev Sharma

So, why do people use it? Community? Or is it easy than others?

What's your view?

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Huy Ta Quoc

I don't think React is easier to use than the others. It has certain gotchas that even experienced React developers sometimes stumble upon (e.g. stale states, stale closures). You also need to manually prevent the application from not re-rendering components too much (by using useMemo, useCallback, memo, etc.) or there'll be performance issues. There are also a few more things that people who are new to React will have a hard time wrapping their mind around.

So, it is slower, heavier, and more complex than its competitors. Why do people still use it then? I guess it's because React just happens to be one of the first groundbreaking technologies of its kind. If, for example, SolidJS (the fastest and lightweight library that has somewhat similar APIs to React) had been there instead of React, I guess it would become as popular as React right now.

For me personally, the reason I still use React is because of its ecosystem. React is so popular that you can almost find a mature, invested solution to any problem you're facing out there, written in React. That's not something you can easily find in its competitors.

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Valentine Elum


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