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Why Should You Consider to Hire Flutter App Developers for Developing an App for Your Startup?

rachaelgrey3 profile image Rachael Grey ・4 min read

One of the domains that have witnessed immense growth is the app world. It has become so trendy that every startup, whether new or old, has mobile-friendly applications to showcase their products and services.

As a startup owner, you might question which platform is the best for creating your app. Am I right?

If yes, then this article is for you; because as per the trends going on the market, you can create feature-rich applications with a limited budget by using the Flutter framework for startups but before diving into the details, let me give you some of the facts that will provide you with a clear idea about why you should hire flutter developers to create mobile-friendly applications.

  • Flutter is the 2nd most leading language for developing cross-platform mobile apps according to Google trends

  • On the play store, more than 300 flutter apps are existing now.

  • More creative and efficient apps in limited time for some leading enterprises like Alibaba, Dream11, eBay have chosen Flutter.

Some noteworthy features of Flutter:
Advanced API
Integration of new UI in existing app
Reduced testing

These were some of the facts and features about Flutter that you should know now; let's dive into the details of this topic.

Reasons for using Flutter:

  1. Higher performance: Flutter guarantees higher performance for your startup app with the object-oriented language of Flutter called Dart. So with the help of Dart, the launch time of an app becomes more speedy. Developers can make complex apps with Flutter because Flutter has an engaging UX and helps build a connection with the native platform.

2. Firebase as the backend:
Flutter provides groundbreaking assistance when paired with firebase because firebase has google-provided backend features that allow startups to decrease backend development processes. Flutter also offers hosting solutions, protocols for user authentication, and several other backend features.

3. Increased developer productivity:
With the help of the "Hot Reload," feature flutter can provide interactive methods for app development that are quick and can make changes to the code faster without sacrificing its functionality in case of a bug. The developers can also continue from where they had left previously.

4. Powerful design:
As a startup, it is required to draw customers to your app. Flutter is used as it has a unique designed widget completely able to attract clients and rich UI features. It is significant for each enterprise to draw investors so they can accumulate the preferred quantity of funding. Flutter offers a massive variety of enriched UI features and intuitive designs, which attract clients and investors alike. So it becomes easy for Developers to create marvelous software which, in return, will deliver the users an outstanding app experience.

5. Budget-friendly:
Startups with small budgets might not be capable of spending a whole lot of cash on developing native apps. But with Flutter, a single code base can create mobile apps that function perfectly on a couple of platforms that solve the problem of startups who have just started their business. Startups consider it advantageous when the value of maintenance of mobile applications decreases dramatically.

6. Flutter libraries:
While you use Flutter as a UI creation tool, you can also use widgets to combine all the programs' platform-primarily based functionalities, including scrolling, navigation, icons, and fonts. Flutter mobile development gives a practical platform-established native experience, which includes iOS or Android. It additionally enables to generate structured and persuasive UIs that rely upon geographical locations. Flutter permits you to construct and extrude the application's UI. Simultaneously, you can increase utility for a particular geographical region, depending on the desired language, text, or even the target area's layout.

7. Efficient MVP development:
Flutter has the most effective MVP development, so this is one of the main reasons that every startup must create an app in Flutter. It will create the app in less time, and the cost for MVP development in Flutter is likewise extensively low.

To sum up, every year, a new startup is launched to gain profit and become successful. As a startup owner, if you plan to launch a mobile-friendly application with Flutter to stand out in the market, you must hire flutter developer from the development company that can give best-in-class development services and skilled and dedicated flutter app developers.

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Thank you for your article! It is very nice and thorough indeed. I'd like also to mention testing automation (guess that's what you meant by reduced testing?) which makes building an app powered by Flutter really easy. I've seen another short info with pros of Flutter app development ( which I find very useful, hope you don't mind me adding it to your material :)

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Pedro Remedios

If you're developing the app in Flutter to run on iOS, you still will have to shell out $3000+ for a mac to run xcode.....

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