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Discussion on: Challenges on Learning How to Code as a College Student

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Rachel Soderberg

"it's you who teaches programming to... you" - I learned this the hard way when I earned my degree in Software Engineering. I didn't always have the motivation or time to dig into computer science topics outside of class and homework assignments, so I was finding my abilities to be very lacking when working on assignments. I'm a little older than most of my peers were and didn't have the experience of growing up programming like many of them did, so I was behind and never pushed myself to catch up during that period.

Thankfully, I am tenacious and stubborn. I worked hard and graduated! I was able to lean on my technical communications skills (something I was passionate about and developed in college) to get my first software developer job. Once my foot was in the door it became a lot easier to motivate myself to learn computer science topics because I had a focus (I knew which languages and frameworks I was using) instead of being faced with "learn all of the things because you don't know what's coming."

Great post, thanks for sharing! I'm sure this will help lots of newbies both in school and at the start of their careers.

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Mara McCrann Author

Thank you for finding this post helpful! I am happy for you that you actually got over this 'challenge' since I think making yourself understand programming by your own is something that is never easy. May you be an example for others, ya :)