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Coding is more then math or typing stuff. Let me explain.

So, you know those people who get a computer, open some weirdly formatted text on a black screen with green letters and code away, creating from websites, to games and other stuff? Well, I'm going to become one of those persons, and I think you should as well. Let me explain.

Coding is a little more than math or typing out nonsense. It actually all comes down to problem-solving. Coding can be something that you use to practice problem-solving, and thinking out of the box, which is quite a nice skill to have on the daily life.

Now, I have to confess something: This is not my first time trying out coding. But here is the thing: The first time I started coding, I just did not learn anything at all. And it's alright, because now I can start over, and better.

Harvard has this project called CS50, which is basically a free course on computer science and I think I can learn at least something from there, but I don't like learning alone. Then the thought came to my mind: "What if I just wrote some blog posts on it?" and that is exactly what I'll be doing.

So, let's start!

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