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Discussion on: Should Perl die gracefully?

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Gaurav Rai • Edited

The person who complained about compatibility in Perl has no idea what he is talking about. Its ironic that the language mentioned by that guy in Medium article breaks the compatibility even in the minor versions. 😁

However there is a good question which comes out of it. How much backward compatibility matter ? I know Perl has put a lot of focus on backward compatibility. But the rise and popularity of Python prove that backward compatibility is not a big deal. 😬
Even though version 2 and 3 are quite different and they break the compatibility within minor version also, people doesn't jump the ship and migrate to other languages. They just migrated from 2 to 3 or will be migrating in future( or maybe not).

Perl feature guard are awesome thing ☺️. But I am yet to find a production code in corporate environment using that. I found that people are not in habit of using it(or unware of it).